We offer salsa tours filled with music and dancing

What to do in Cali?

Stay a week in Cali to witness the “Alegría” happiness and to enjoy also the beautiful surroundings of Valle del Cauca.

Day 1. City & Salsa Tour, Marimba Gourmet Dinner

Day 2. Market tour & Fruit tastings, AfroCali tour & Show at Mulato Cabaret

Day 3. City 2: Community tourism,  get to know our social projects

Day 4. Birds, butterflies, spa and nature

Day 5. Ancestral dinner, handcrafts, Andean dance show

Day 6. Day-trip to crystal clear rivers

Days 7 – 10. Beaches at the Pacific coast.

What can You experience in Cali in 10 days:

RHYTHMS: Salsa classes, music classes, salsa tours, marimba tours.

CULTURE: City tour, market & fruit tour, community tourism.

NATURE: River & waterfall, mountain hike, horse ride, accommodation with a view in the mountain, San Cipriano crystal river day trip.

WELLNESS: Massages, therapies, healthy cooking class, Temazcal sweat lodge ceremony, cacao ceremony

BEACH: Pacific coast beach trip 3 days with Bahia Malaga, Mangrove rivers, village and indigenous community visit, combined with WELLNESS services.

RELAX: Accommodation in the mountains surrounded by nature, relax at the pool, bird watching, cultural workshops and delicious food.

What happens on a salsa tour in Cali?

You will learn the time line of the origins of salsa, witness why is it so popular in Cali and learn and live the many reasons why Cali is the world salsa capital.

We will dance, play instruments and meet local salseros from vinyl collector to old school dancers.

Cali Salsa Tours
  • GROUP tour every day: Daily Salsa Tours 4,5 hrs
  • Salsa & City tour – 6 hrs
  • Cali Nocturna – 4 hrs
  • Salsa Cabaret – 4 hrs
  • Cali Real :Mini Salsa Tour – 3 hrs
  • Traditional Salsa – 6 hrs
Medellín tours
  • Tango Day Tour – 3 hrs
  • Tango Night Tour – 4 hrs
Cali Pacífico
  • Group Tour: AfroCali – 3 hrs
  • Día de Pacífico in Cali – 3 hrs
  • Marimba Gourmet – 4 hrs
  • Ruta del Pacífico en Cali – 6 hrs
  • Pacífic coast 3 days
Ancestral – Cali
  • Noche Ancestral – 4 hrs
  • Ancestral Food Tour Basic – 3 hrs
  • Ancestral Food & Farm Tour – 5 hrs