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We offer tours filled with music, dancing and local happy lifestyle. See here our tours for 2019:


1. Cali Real : Barrio + Salsa  2. Salsa Day Tour  3. Salsa Night Tour 4. Salsa Sundays


1. Salsa Night Tour 2.  Tango Night Tour  3. Tango Day Tour

RiCo Salsa Tours in Cali and in Medellín visit the unique salsa bars in town. You’ll learn the proper local steps to your Salsa-Survival Skills, hear the story of salsa, and get a answers to your Colombian culture trivias:

Where is salsa originally from? Why is it so popular in Colombia? What are the different dance styles around the world and in Colombia?

We have a fancy tour booking system but while we set it up to work perfectly, please write to us in the following platforms to book your tours or classes! There you can also see pics and stories of our RiCo events.  Email:

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RiCo Salsa Tours – Cali = The Salsa capital of the world!

But why? Learn why on one or all of our RiCo Cali Salsa Tours.

CALI REAL  : Barrio + Salsa 3h

Where can you experience a day time authentic salsa party with classical old-school caleños
dancing? At RiCo tour we visit the Barrio Obrero, which is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in
Cali, you can see the life in Cali “like in the old days”, still today.


Visit the museum of salsa, take pictures of the huge salsa themed murals at Parque Alameda, witness a private rehearsal of the professional dancers of the academy Swing Latino and then at another renowned academy Sondeluz we make your own salsa show with instruments, costumes and salsa acrobatics!


Visti to three salsa bars, including a Salsa Survival Skills dance class to learn the local steps that you will see in any local parties all over the country. RiCo also offers dance classes of any academy style salsa, but on this tour you will get the basic skills to dance and have fun in Colombia. The places to visit depend on the day and might vary, there is so many options that we will choose the best ones for each group. Our tour guides will immerse you to the history of the music, dance and Cali culture during the evening.


An early night tour (4pm – 10pm) visiting the Museum of Salsa, Salsa Art park/Parque Alameda to take pictures of the beautiful salsa murals, then an evening in Mulato Cabaret enjoying amazing dance shows, drinks, snacks and dancing. Mulato’s salsa academy has “exported” professional salsa dancers around the world and Jennifer Lopez chose Swing Latino to perform on her big birthday tour in 2019.

Salsa Tour – Medellin

Listen to the story of salsa in a cozy salsa café decorated with pictures and stories from the salsa history. Learn the local Colombian salsa moves with a dance teacher and visit three authentic salsa bars where you will enjoy drinks, dancing, amazing local dancers while listening to a live salsa band in one of the most popular salsa bars of Medellin. Take home a salsa souvenir!

 Tango Tour – Medellin

Tango Tour Medellin will take you to dance classes, visit a Tango Museum, two tango bars and listen stories of Carlos Gardel and the passion that Medellin has for Tango. We will watch local Tango dancers while enjoying a dinner in a cozy local Tango club and of course dance Tango with the guide and teacher dedicated to your tango experience.

Tour company taking you to places where you can hear, see and FEEL the rhythms played in Colombia. There are hundreds of rhythms both authentic Colombian from pre-Hispanic times and adapted rhythms like salsa.

  • See a live band – learn salsa moves – feel the Colombian happiness.

  • Listen to the story of salsa in a cozy salsa café decorated completely with pictures and details from the world of salsa. Receive a salsa gift – USB memory full of music!

  • Learn the local Colombian salsa moves with a salsa teacher

  • You have the chance to do some souvenir shopping related to salsa: mugs, t-shirts, key chains or musical instruments (for maracas, campana/cowbell, claves pre-booking recommended for availability)

  • For those who prefer their tour to be more music oriented, it is possible to also choose a more intimate venue with less dancers, focused more on enjoying a smaller band of professional musicians with a front row table, just let us know what you prefer.